About Flynn Gray:

  • I write horror and dark fantasy fiction of all lengths, from flash to novel.
  • My non-fiction writing is more varied, though the majority is history or literature related.
  • I am a notoriously reclusive and private creature.
  • My natural habitat is the library or bookstore, at my desk, or curled up in my lounge chair. Occasionally I might venture outdoors if it is not too hot/cold/sunny/cloudy/rainy/etc.
  • My main vice is procrastination and wasting time on social media and incredibly addictive games and apps.
  • I am a fan of horror and dark fantasy of all varieties – books, movies, games, TV shows, graphic novels and artwork.


The Official Author Bio:

Flynn Gray writes fantasy and horror fiction, consumes unhealthy amounts of coffee, and blogs about writing, books and horror at http://www.flynngray.wordpress.com. When not writing, curled up with a great book, or binge watching horror films and TV series, Flynn can usually be found procrastinating on social media, particularly on Twitter (@FlynnGrayWriter) or Facebook (facebook.com/FlynnGrayWriter).

Flynn’s short story will be appearing in the anthology Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales, which is currently available for pre-order on Amazon in softcover format, with eBook and hardcover formats coming soon.

Update: Flynn is now also on Tumblr – http://www.flynngraywriter.tumblr.com

Amazon Author Page: http://amazon.com/author/flynngray



Coffee is AwesomeCoffee – a writer’s best friend.

Stay tuned – I’m still working on this site and adding more content all the time.

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