Review: Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files Book 1) by Carissa Ann Lynch

 Have You Seen This Girl? Carissa Ann Lynch Cover 
Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files Book 1) by Carissa Ann Lynch

Suspense/Thriller, 277 pages.

A tale of trauma, vengeance, and ultimately, healing.

Wendi Wise is torn away from everything she knows at the tender age of thirteen, and thrown into a world of unimaginable horror. Forced to flee her home town of Flocksdale afterwards, Wendi assumes a new identity and struggles to survive with the demons of her past always nipping at her heels. After eight years, she is ready to return home with the sole goal of enacting her revenge on those that stole her life from her – but is she really prepared for what awaits her?

Have You Seen This Girl? is gritty and quite brutal, dealing with difficult subject matter such as child abductuion, rape, and drug abuse. This book doesn’t pull any punches, and I admire the bravery of the author in tackling these subjects in an upfront and unflinching style. While the story can be a little difficult to read at times due to the subject matter, it is also that much more gripping and realistic than it would be otherwise.

Ultimately, however, this book is a tale of vengeance, healing, and hope. As a reader I quickly got lost in Wendi’s story, and found her to be an excellent character – strong and likeable despite her flaws, and courageous despite her obvious fear in the face of confronting her abductors. The story is very well written and moves along at a good pace, though the real action and suspense starts to grow when Wendi returns to Flocksdale to seek her revenge.

The ending is action-packed and satisfying, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book overall. Though I generally prefer supernatural or fantasy horror to the real-life human kind, I do also enjoy a good suspenseful thriller, and this book is one of them. Have You Seen This Girl? has turned me into a fan of this author, and I will definitely be seeking out the rest of her books.

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Twitter: @carissaannlynch


4 thoughts on “Review: Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files Book 1) by Carissa Ann Lynch

  1. Very interesting review and troubling subject matter. I have a passion for missing children. My Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series ( is about a serial killer who feeds on the blood of innocent children, but he believes in his sickened mind that he is saving them. Fiction based on psychological research. I have four novellas in the series … quick reads. Stroke of Fear! Stroke of Midnight! Stroke of Silence! and Stroke of Innocence! All are linked on my sidebar if you’re interested., The link below is a video trailer for the 4th eBook in the series.

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