On Speculative Fiction and Changing the World

Speculative fiction has always been my favourite genre because it has the potential to explore new ideas, look at important issues in new ways, expose stereotypes and prejudice, and encourage us to think differently. Speculative fiction gives us the potential explore any and every issue, as overtly or covertly as we wish.

Through fantasy, science fiction, and horror, the marginalised can find a voice and representation, no matter how unconventional.

In speculative fiction, anything is possible.

Race issues can be explored through interactions with alien species, gender issues can be explored through fantasy societies with inverted gender roles. Society’s fears, worst case scenarios and cautionary tales can be explored through horror and apocalyptic fiction.

– – ~ – –

But sometimes things need to be said outright as well, all fiction aside. And I feel the need to say this – if you’re a kind, decent, tolerant person who’s not looking to hurt anyone, then I think you’re pretty awesome, and I don’t care about your race, gender, orientation, religion, etc.

The world can seem like a pretty crappy place sometimes, and it needs a little kindness to offset all the anger and hate. I’m not saying we should all just hold hands and sing [insert favourite campfire song here] and everything will be fine, problems all solved (wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?). I just think that with all the negativity already present in the world, why would we want to add to it? We’re all just human beings trying to coexist on this little piece of rock flying around in space, do we really have to find so many things to hate about each other?

So if you’re one of those incredible people spreading a little positivity around, you’re definitely awesome in my books. Keep it up. In between all the sensationalism in the media and big personalities that base their entire platform on negativity and fear mongering, the world needs you. No matter how small you think your contribution is, it matters.


It’s not hard to be a little kind, and even if you haven’t got it in you (we all have those days), there’s no need to add to the negativity. Remember the old adage, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? I think it needs to make a comeback. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, and everyone has bad days, but that doesn’t mean you need to attack or belittle someone who’s just going about their life, trying to get along, just like you are. We can all strive to be the bigger person, be a little less quick to judge, be the better version of ourselves, and make the world a better place.

Hate breeds hate, and leaves a legacy of hate. Is that the kind of legacy we want to leave behind?


Well, this post ended up in a rather different place than it started 🙂

Rest assured, I will be returning to my usual cynicism and bad attempts at humour in future posts. In the meantime, just remember:


11 thoughts on “On Speculative Fiction and Changing the World

  1. Energy one sends out and spreads through the Universe returns 10x. Yes, I agree it should be positive energy. Why clutter up thought-forms with negativity? It only hurts you and everyone else around you, especially those you love.

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  2. I had never thought of speculative fiction as a way to voice my opinion on world issues, but thinking about it now because of this post, I can see how it would give me the freedom without worrying about repercussions. Coming for a multi-cultural family, I do have some axes to grind. With speculative fiction like maybe urban fantasy, I could air them out. Great idea!

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