Review: Witch’s Moonstone Locket by Marsha A. Moore

Witch's Moonstone Locket Cover

Heartbroken at missing the chance to say her final goodbyes to her deceased mother, 23 year old Jancie heeds the advice of her Great-Aunt Starla to seek out the bearer of the Witch’s Moonstone Locket. According to legend, the locket can facilitate communication with the dead, giving Jancie the potential to find the closure she desperately seeks. In order to find the locket however, Jancie must seek out the locket’s bearer, a member of the local Coon Hollow Coven, and break her father’s strict rule – “Stay away from witches.”

Not to be deterred, Jancie pursues her mission to find the bearer of the locket to be the handsome widower Rowe, who is struggling with his own grief. In turn, Jancie finds herself pitted against Adara, the leader of the Coon Hollow Coven who has her own sights set on Rowe and immediately sees Jancie as a threat. In the path of increasing danger, and with omens of death looming over the horizon, both Jancie and Rowe must find a way to heal their wounded hearts, face the oncoming danger, and discover the true power of the Moonstone Locket.

Witch’s Moonstone Locket is a great read. The background mythology is well developed, the descriptions are vivid, and the story is wonderfully written. The extended cast of characters is extremely well developed and the protagonists are strong and very likeable, while the villainess is delightfully treacherous. The lines are drawn between good and evil early on in the novel, and the reader is left on the edge of their seat as each side plots their moves, and danger grows ever closer for everyone.

The action draws to a rapid climax as the novel closes on a poignant and satisfying note. A great read with something for just about everyone, recommended for all fans of fantasy, romance, adventure, and the supernatural.

Marsha A. Moore on Twitter: @MarshaAMoore

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