#Review: Morium by S. J. Hermann

 Morium Cover 

Lexi, Nathan, and Stacey are senior high school students, mere months from graduation, who are relentlessly bullied and humiliated every day. Lexi and Nathan, particularly, bear the brunt of their tormentors scorn and abuse. When a freak incident gives both Lexi and Nathan supernatural powers, both struggle with the implications of their newfound abilities, and the temptation to use them against the bullies that have made their lives a living hell.

Morium tackles some of the big issues that face young adults and adults alike.

First and foremost is the devastating and long term effects of bullying.

The ethics of vigilante justice and the morality of revenge is explored through the eyes of two characters with very different reactions to the discovery of newfound supernatural powers.

Morium explores how, if we’re not careful, we can easily become what we hate the most, if given the opportunity. That we can lose ourselves, and everything we love, if we let the darkness consume us.

The story ventures into ever more horrifying territory as it progresses, illustrating the slippery moral slope that can lead to ever increasing depths of depravity.

How far into the darkness is too far to be saved?

Morium gains momentum rapidly, keeping the pages turning and leading to a heart-stopping finale.

The writing style is engaging, the characters are well developed and relatable, and the action grows more intense with every chapter.

Highly recommended for fans of the supernatural dark fantasy/horror genre, from young adult to adult.

S. J. Hermann on Twitter: @Writing_Novel

S. J. Hermann’s Website: http://www.sjhermannauthor.blogspot.com


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