Review: Collapse by John F Leonard

Title: Collapse

Sub-title: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Ferine Apocalypse Book 1) 

Collapse is the compelling story of individuals caught up in a terrifying series of events, as the complete demise of human civilisation arrives within the space of just a few days.

The horror is visceral and immediate, as a small band of people unaffected by the virus struggles to survive and find a safe haven from the hordes of vicious, predatory creatures that used to be the rest of humanity.

The first time we meet each of the fascinating cast of characters, it is a quick introduction primarily for scene-setting purposes, giving us a hint of each character’s personality, along with a glimpse of the violent and incomprehensible world that they have found themselves thrown into. Initially, the changes in point of view with each chapter is a little disorienting and fractured, just like the impossible new reality that the characters find themselves inhabiting.

As the story develops, however, it is the characters that keep the pages turning faster as you get to know each one and become invested in their fates. As their paths begin to cross in their quest for survival, and their stories intertwine, the book becomes impossible to put down.
I read the last 250 pages in one sitting, unable to stop turning the pages.

Collapse is fast paced and filled with action and suspense. A creeping sense of dread pervades the pages, as potential disaster lurks around every corner. Tales of heroism and sacrifice are interspersed with those of selfishness and cruelty, and sometimes our characters discover that some of the remaining humans in their midst are far more dangerous than the predatory creatures that hunt them incessantly.

Overall, Collapse is a roller coaster thrill ride with a satisfying and poignant ending. The monsters are truly monstrous, the violence is gory and there is plenty of it, and the characters are flawed and human, and therefore all the more sympathetic and relatable.

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Collapse by John F Leonard


The sweeping sickness, a global pandemic.

Billions lie fallen, gripped by an unknown affliction.

Hope is all the few survivors have. Hope that the collapsed will recover and wake again.

But waking is when the real nightmare begins…

A mystery illness sweeps the globe. Swifter and more virulent than anything ever recorded, enfolding the earth like a savage hand snatching a child’s marble.

The City Flu in Britain.

The Sweeping Sickness in America.

Misnomers, semantics, swirls of the matador’s cloak, the names don’t matter. There isn’t time for that. Normal life is slipping its gears, sliding into unknown territory. The illness is never properly classified, identified or studied. The descent into disaster is too fast, the effects so debilitating that the impact is already catastrophic. Put simply, vast numbers of people become too ill to work and so things stop working.

Horror is here, and greater horror lies ahead.

Because the collapsed aren’t just unconscious, they’re changing.

John F Leonard

About the Author:

John was born in England and grew up in the industrial midlands, where he learned to love the sound of scrapyard dogs and the rattle and clank of passing trains.

He studied English, Art and History and has, at different times, been a sculptor, odd-job man and office worker. He enjoys horror and comedy (not necessarily together).

He is currently working on a number of projects, one of which is a new book set in the ever evolving post-apocalyptic world of Collapse.

Check out his website:


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