Having Trouble Getting Started on a Writing Project?

A great article by Deborah Bowman full of valuable advice for writers. ~ Flynn

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

images (1) We All Have to Start Somewhere!

Do you have thoughts and dreams you wish to express, but somehow they just get stuck in your mind? The only things that surface when you try to write are overused cliches and tired rhetoric. You’re not alone.

What comes from your brain first are memories and what is constantly repeated by yourself, by others around you, on the TV or Internet, even in your choice of reading material. You want to come up with something original, unique, extraordinary! You want to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of others, write about your feelings, impart information that has never been shared before. Where do you begin?

Over time, communication  has changed drastically. We don’t pick up the phone and talk in person or pen eloquent letters very often anymore … we text, we email, we send canned pictures that demonstrate our feelings…

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