A Writer’s Wish List

 A Writer's Wish List 

Want to know what the writer in your life really wants? Well, look no further. Admittedly, most of these things may be a little difficult to find in any store, but trust me, this is what every writer ultimately wants:

  1. An endless supply of inspiration and ideas.
  2. The ability to perfectly transcribe those ideas onto paper.
  3. An extensive vocabulary and innate knowledge of all spelling and grammar rules.
  4. A gift for flowing, eloquent prose.
  5. The ability to tap into universal and timeless themes.
  6.  A knack for creating complex (yet deceptively simple) plots that enthral readers and keep them turning the pages.
  7. An intuitive knowledge of how to perfectly balance each element of a story – from character, to plot, dialogue, description, etc. 
  8. The unerring ability to create realistic and sympathetic characters that readers fall in love with every time.
  9. A unique voice.
  10. Immunity to the distraction of social media, games, TV shows, movies, shiny objects and – oh look, a squirrel… 
  11. A coffee machine that provides an endless supply of perfect coffee. 
  12. The ability to edit my own work without missing glaring spelling, grammar and style errors. 
  13. A magical app/program/technological thingy that can translate my handwriting and will type up everything I write by hand (because I still prefer to write with pen and paper, and typing it all up afterwards is my least favourite part of the process). 
  14. An endless budget to acquire all of the lovely notebooks, pens, highlighters, sketchbooks, and other items I need to satisfy my stationary fetish.  
  15. Artistic ability, so I can draw my characters and design my own book cover art. 
  16. An endless budget to buy books. Because I need all the books. All of them. And a library. For all the books.  
  17. Finally, and most importantly, rave reviews for all of my books, and an adoring legion of fans that camp outside of bookstores for my latest novel and worship me as the literary genius that I clearly am. (Come on, admit it, you’ve thought about this too.) 

What about you, fellow writers? Have I missed something that you would put on your wish list?


6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Wish List

  1. I think the one that resonates the most with me is #12. Where it’s possible to become better at writing and excising creativity, I don’t think it’s ever possible to see your own work clearly. I really wish I could! It would save time, wouldn’t have to seek out reliable/diverse beta readers to give me feedback.

    Great article as always Flynn.

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    • Yes, it would be so helpful if I could read my own work without my brain automatically just filling in what should be there instead of seeing what is really there.

      Thank you for reading 🙂


    • Yes, that is my main weakness as well. I have taken to disconnecting the Internet during writing time, but that doesn’t stop me getting distracted by anything interesting happening outside the window, a bug crawling across my desk, the shininess of my new pen…


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