How Professionals Elevate Indie Publishing

A great article explaining why it is necessary for an independent author to utilise professional editing and cover design services in order to produce a polished and professional book. ~ Flynn

Linda W. Yezak

Long ago, in another time, another place, I lamented the foolishness of writers who skipped jumping the required hoops that litter the path to traditional publishing and simply published themselves. I mean, after all, self-published works carried a stigma. If the authors were any good, they’d have the logo of a big publishing house on their book spine, right?

Not necessarily. I’ve read traditionally published books I wish I hadn’t spent the money on, and independently published books that should be made into movies.

Indies are finally rising above the stigma.

In all aspects of this game, professionalism is becoming more evident. Savvy authors are networked not just with other authors, but with freelance editors, beta readers, formatters, cover designers, promo specialists–even accountants. They know how to make a go of it without the big-name logo on their spine. Those who really take this job seriously budget funds for the purpose of hiring…

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