Would You Like to See Your Book Promoted on this Blog?

In my earlier post Writers Unite, or Why You Should Support Your Fellow Authors, I suggested that writers should help support and promote one another, in order to help each other succeed.

In the interests of expanding on and further promoting this idea, I would like to begin featuring the work of other independent authors on this blog.

Do do you have a novel about to be released, a cover reveal or blog tour planned, or an already released novel that you would like to see promoted here?

Is your book horror, fantasy or science fiction? This blog is mostly geared towards horror and dark fantasy, but I will also feature other forms of fantasy and science fiction if I feel they suit the tone of the blog, or if I just like the look of them πŸ™‚

Posts on this blog are also promoted across my Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr feeds, and every little bit of exposure can make a difference for an independent author.

If you are interested, please contact me at the email below, and email me a good quality image of your book’s cover, the official synopsis of blurb for the book, an extract from the book (optional), an author bio, author picture (optional), and the release date for your novel. If you have a series of pre-prepared interview questions and answers as part of your press kit, send those as well, otherwise I will send you a brief interview of my own and you can send me your answers.

Contact Me: FlynnGrayWriter at gmail dot com

Please note that any books to be featured on this blog will be selected at my own discretion, depending on how many requests I get and whether the book is a good fit for the overall tone of the blog.

Feel free to spread the word if you know anyone who might be looking for some extra publicity for their book.

Happy writing πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Would You Like to See Your Book Promoted on this Blog?

  1. Wonderful Idea Flynn. I have my 1st book coming out in May from Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Although I had many stories published in horror anthology collections, this will be my first fully authored release. I will be sure to get you a copy if you would like to read/review it. It’s a little premature to start promoting it so I will get you more info in a couple of months. πŸ™‚

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