Twitter for Writers—Eight Ways to Nuke Your Brand

A great article for any writer on how to best use Twitter, and how not to alienate your followers. I must admit I have been guilty of #5 in the past – I will now be cutting down on the number of articles I share instead of bombarding my followers with a reading list 🙂 ~ Flynn

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Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commins via Per Gosche Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commins via Per Gosche

I’ve been an advocate of writers using social media since 2004, before social media was really a thang. In the early days of Gather and MySpace it occurred to me that we were seeing a fundamental shift in how humans would 1) be communicating 2) forging relationships and 3) finding/discovering entertainment.

Digital Age Writers? You have…no…idea.

Back in my day *wags cane* we were fighting the Russians and there were NUKES pointed at us for twenty years. We had to get our moms to drive us to a library to research for a paper using the Dewey decimal system. There was no Google. 

If you wanted a popular book and didn’t save enough babysitting money to preorder the next David Eddings book in the Pawn of Prophecy series? In hardback? You waited.

Your turn. Like behind fifty other people.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter for Writers—Eight Ways to Nuke Your Brand

  1. Great share, Flynn. But from your experience, what’s the best way to gain followers? Are there any quick ways, or it just time + enegry?

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

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    • If there are any shortcuts, I haven’t found them yet. On Twitter, I usually:

      – Follow (and unfollow) back anyone who isn’t trying to sell me followers or pictures of parts of their naked anatomy.
      – Retweet often, particularly other Indie authors and artists, and content that might be useful/of interest to my followers
      – Always reciprocate Retweets when possible, and always give a shoutout to anyone who has retweeted my tweets – retweeting and interaction are the heart of Twitter
      – Make sure that my feed remains relevant and useful to my followers, and reflects my bio

      It can be time consuming, but so far this policy has earned me a steadily growing audience on Twitter, and has also proved a fun way to interact with the amazing people to be found there.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy the rest of your week ~ Flynn


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