Writers Unite, or Why You Should Support Your Fellow Authors

Other Authors are  Not My Competition
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I have often noticed that it seems to be a common notion that it is pointless gathering other writers as followers on social media, sharing writing tips and advice.

Over and over again I have seen the advice that you need to be targeting the people who will buy your books, the readers, instead. That if you write about writing and share writing advice, you will only attract other writers interested in using your advice and won’t sell any books.

To me, this idea makes little sense because it seems to neglect one vital point – all writers ARE readers.

They are some of the most voracious readers you will find anywhere. While not every bookworm is is writer, every writer is by nature an avid reader as well.

So support each other, share each other’s books on social media, cross promote, buy, read and review each other’s books.

That is not to say you should buy a book that doesn’t interest you, or EVER leave a dishonest review. Amazon frowns on social media friends leaving reviews for each other under their new rules anyway, as part of their crackdown on false and paid reviews.

 Feed and Author Leave a Review
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That doesn’t prevent you from writing or sharing honest reviews on your blog, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., for your author friends. Word of mouth is one of the best sources of advertising for an indie author. And always encourage readers to leave a review for a book if they love it.

 If You Loved a Book Tell a Friend
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And even if your TBR list is overflowing, or a book is outside your preferred genre, that  doesn’t stop you from giving another author a shout out, sharing in cover reveals and release parties, and helping to promote each other.

Perhaps above all else the Internet has given writers, even beyond the possibilities of self publishing and finding audiences across the globe, is the opportunity to engage as a community, and support and create opportunities for each other.

 How to Help a Writer
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