Tumblr and Twitter, and Facebook, Oh My! 

Social Media
I have a terrible habit of using social media to procrastinate. So, naturally, I decided to sign up for yet another social media website.

I’ve been curious about Tumblr for a while, so I decided to bite the bullet and see what it was all about.

I made it through the sign up process the first day before running screaming from the unfamiliar format, feeling like an eighty year old that just stumbled into a rave club. (Is that a thing? Rave club? I don’t get out much.)

I braved the site again the next day, fortified by coffee and some research, and discovered that it is actually deceptively simple to use. And very addictive, though not as time consuming as Facebook, which I have been losing interest in for a while, though I stick with it out of sentimentality I guess, as it was the first social media platform I tried out a few years ago. (I was a late starter with social media).

Facebook’s idea of what I want to see in my newsfeed versus my idea of what I want in my newsfeed have just gotten too different, and trying to promote and network with an author page is nearly impossible without buying advertising. Therefore, I will still be active on Facebook and keep the page updated, but I won’t be using it as a primary social media platform anymore.

I have found that Twitter is one of the easiest social media sites to use, and fun, with plenty of interaction and opportunities for networking. It is also not too time consuming to maintain, and much easier to find relevant information through hashtags, building lists, etc. Twitter also does not interfere with your newsfeed, unlike Facebook.

And now to Tumblr. It’s too early to really say much except I like the format, it is interesting and surprisingly easy to use despite appearing complicated to look at. Time will tell if it is any use for networking and building an author platform. If anyone else has experience with Tumblr, please let me know.

If anyone would like to connect on Tumblr, or just have a look, my address is:


Or, if you prefer Twitter or Facebook:

@FlynnGrayWriter on Twitter



Feel free to drop by and say hi, I’m always happy for an excuse to procrastinate a little longer 🙂


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