Reflecting on 2015, Welcoming 2016

There’s only a few hours left of 2015, so this will be my final post for the year, bringing my total to 67 posts since I started this blog halfway through July this year. It’s been a fascinating journey, and I appreciate all of the support I’ve received during the short amount of time this blog has been running.

According to WordPress, these were my Top 5 Most Popular Posts for 2015:

1.     Edgar Allan Poe, Short Story Structure and Narrative Technique

2.     13 Favourite Quotes from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

3.     Writing Tips: Great Articles to Improve Your Writing

4.     J R R Tolkien Letter to W H Auden, 1955

5.     5 Great Articles on Horror and Writing from Around the Web


I don’t usually set goals for the New Year – I like to think that every day is a potentially fresh start, not just one day out of the year – but I will continue to work towards my goal of becoming a better writer, and producing useful and interesting posts for all of you. Happy New Year everyone, and I hope 2016 is an awesome year for all of you.

On a sadder note, I would like to briefly remember some of the icons we lost in 2015. RIP Christopher Lee, Wes Craven, Leonard Nimoy, and Lemmy Kilmister. These guys all had a huge impact on me in one way or another, just as they did on many others, and will be missed.

~ Flynn


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