Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Writers

‘Tis the time for New Years Resolutions, so here are some quotes of the inspiring, motivating or just plain amusing variety to help you stay focused in 2016.

@MarkRafidi – via Twitter

“Clutch onto your ideas. They will come to fruition with hard work. #writingtips #amwriting”


“The body follows where the eyes are looking. The same is true of life. Look towards your dreams & watch as they become reality. #amwriting”

@rj_infantino – via Twitter

““A word after a word after a word is power.” ― Margaret Atwood #amwriting”


“Doubt plagues every writer. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Now stop worrying and WRITE. #amwriting #nanowrimo”


@TarnRichardson – via Twitter

“Wife’s just given me her advice on finding inspiration in my writing. “Just go and get drunk like Hemingway did!” #aiminghigh #goodadvice”

@books_butterfly – via Twitter
“Allow your passion to breathe through your writing. #Inspiration #booksbutterfly #writers”


“We live & breathe #words. It was #books that made me feel that perhaps I wasn’t completely #alone. ~Cassandra #Clare”

via Georgina Cromarty


@BrianRathbone – via Twitter

“Those with drive and purpose shape the future. #write #create”

“There are times when life makes writing seem almost impossible. In those times I must remain committed. #create #amwriting”

“Fear holds back numerous writers. Many are afraid people won’t like their work. It happens. You get over it. #write #anyway”



Wishing everyone a great year in 2016!


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