Twitter Words of Wisdom and Advice (The Weird, The Wacky and the Wonderful)


Some people can fit a lot of magic into 140 characters. Here are some examples of the weird and wonderful world of Twitter, from the practical and inspirational to the amusing and slightly disturbing.


“Doubt plagues every writer. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Now stop worrying and WRITE. #amwriting #nanowrimo”


“Clutch onto your ideas. They will come to fruition with hard work.

#writingtips #amwriting”


“I am a writer. I walk the fine line between madness and genius. I have no idea which side is which. #amreading #amwriting”


“Retweet this, or I’ll be mean to my characters.

Oh, wait. I’ll do that anyway.



“When you start talking about killing someone off in front of new people and they don’t know you’re a writer.
#amwriting #writerproblems” 


“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”


“It still surprises me how much I learn about myself each time I write a new novel. I’m never exactly who I thought I was. I like that.”


“The body follows where the eyes are looking. The same is true of life. Look towards your dreams & watch as they become reality. #amwriting”


“Author Productivity Tip: Tune out the critical editor voice for consistent daily high word counts writing first drafts! #amwriting”

“Telling isn’t always bad. Neither is passive voice. There’s a time and place for everything. #writetip”

“You’d be surprised how often swapping chapter order can enhance your story and/or pace. You’re not crazy for considering it. #writetip”

“If you fail, celebrate! You just learned another way to NOT do something. And that’s progress. #writetip”

“Never a bad idea to include a nude photo with your query letter. What have you got to lose? #HorribleWriteTip”

“First drafts are always terrible. So I recommend starting with your second draft to avoid the problem entirely. #HorribleWriteTip”

“Every book should include at least 1 Shakespeare quote, regardless of milieu. #HorribleWriteTip”

“Scene breaks should be marked with an exclamation point and descriptive text that reads “See what I did there?” #HorribleWriteTip”


“When writing sex scenes, compare private parts to as many fruits and veggies as possible. #HorribleWriteTip”

“Vary your punctuation and spelling. Consistency will only bore your reader. #HorribleWriteTip”




“If you’re happy and you know it, it’s your meds #PointsMe” 


FAO new followers, i’m not actually a psycho, I just tweet parts of stories i’m writing for feedback. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it


“Wife’s just given me her advice on finding inspiration in my writing. “Just go and get drunk like Hemingway did!” #aiminghigh #goodadvice”


“Editing is the process of destroying something you love to make something other people will love.”


@BrianRathbonecould release a book filled with his amazing tweets. Inspiring and practical tips and observations, sprinkled with a liberal dose of humour.

“Reading your work out loud is a great way to find errors your eyes miss. Text to speech isn’t shabby for this purpose either.”

“Those with drive and purpose shape the future. #write #create”

“There are times when life makes writing seem almost impossible. In those times I must remain committed. #create #amwriting”

“A great editor is the best friend a writer can have. #writing + #editing = #magic”

“Sometimes I have to tell the voices in my head to speak more slowly and clearly. Articulate. Enunciate. And wait while I fix these typos.”

“How can the characters in my own mind surprise me? I’m not sure, yet somehow they do. #amwriting #write”

“Fear holds back numerous writers. Many are afraid people won’t like their work. It happens. You get over it. #write #anyway”

“If words were my children, I would be a very bad father. If my characters were my children, they would lock me up. #amwriting”

“I work for myself because no one would pay me to tweet bad dragon jokes.”

“Twitter Analytics tell me that most of you like cheese. Armed with this information, I’m one step closer to world domination.”

“Writing requires focus and…oooh! Shiny. #amwriting”

I hope you have enjoyed these tweets and will consider following some of these wonderful people if you are on Twitter. You can also find me on Twitter (@FlynnGrayWriter).


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