Articles: Advice on Writing and Publishing

The Holy Grail for Authors: 5 Reasons to Self Publish

“The subject is one I find particularly interesting for many reasons. I for one, would think as many others do, a book deal is the “holy grail” for authors. You know the whole “stack of rejection letters” thing. The urban legend that Stephen King had to get a bigger nail to hold all of his to the wall. If you have been around five minutes, you know what I am talking about.

Sheri McInnis is one author who has been there, done that and her take and perspective has been enlightening for me.”

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7 Things I Have Learned About Publishing

“I recently attended a writing conference and had the chance to meet and mingle with people involved in and knowledgeable about the industry of writing, and publishing books. I wrote a more inspirational piece about it here: but for a less fluffy and more boiled down version of the information here is a summary of the information I took away from the conference.”

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Using Grammar to Strengthen Our Voice — Guest: Julie Glover

“Yet have you ever thought how grammar—the system and structure of a language—can deepen your voice?

Grammar isn’t merely parts of speech, where the commas go, or which words get capitalized. It’s a whole system of language to convey the meaning you want to give. We have societally agreed-upon rules to facilitate communication, but you can use those rules in different ways—or even break the rules—to leave the desired impression on your readers.”

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13 Things I Learned About Writing Faster

“The speed of publication is one of the biggest advantages of self-publishing. No longer do you have to wait one year (or more) between release dates. You can publish whenever you’re ready. And when you publish often, especially if you put out books in the same series in rapid succession, you get increased visibility & greater reader engagement.

But to publish faster, you also need to write faster.”

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A. L . Kennedy on Writing 

“It would hardly be fair if a reader was asked to expend mental energy and invest their interest in a fiction inhabited by characters who seemed unfeasible and frankly less interesting than the genuine, human people they could be meeting and interacting with, if they weren’t suffering through this or that dreadful book. Hopefully, the effect of a finished character will be convincing, involving, idiosyncratic, natural – in short, real.”

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How to Write a Short Story According to Edgar Allan Poe

“Paying Homage to the Pioneer of the Short Story on his Birthday.

“Literature is the most noble of professions. In fact, it is about the only one fit for a man. For my own part, there is no seducing me from the path.” [From a letter to F.W. Thomas, 1849.]”

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