7 Reasons Why I Write #WhyIWrite

In honour of the #WhyIWrite hashtag trend on Twitter today, I have compiled a brief list of the reasons Why I Write, expanding on my Twitter response on the subject. Admittedly, amongst all of the deep and inspirational responses I have read on Twitter today, mine are rather less than impressive.

In no particular order, here is my brief list of reasons for writing:

1. It is the only socially acceptable way to have imaginary friends as an adult.

2. Reality is overrated.

3. I like to drink alcohol on the job.

4. I don’t like to leave the house or have to interact with real people.

5. You have a valid reason to research murder methods, corpse disposal, weapons, medieval sexual kinks and other potentially’ inappropriate’ topics. (I should get a shirt made that says “It’s ok everyone, I’m a writer, not a pervert serial killer.” It would save a lot of time.)

6. Talking to yourself, lacking social skills, and behaving strangely are accepted as ‘eccentric’ in a writer, rather than insane.

7. Reading is considered an essential part of learning the craft, and therefore can be claimed as a valid, constructive use of time, rather than purely recreational entertainment (which it mostly is anyway).

 M E Vaughan Quote 


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