What Type Of Horror Fan Are You?

I’m a Hard Core Horror Lifer myself – what about you? ~ Flynn

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Thought Catalog


Scream Scream

Newbs just saw It Follows and realized horror is actually awesome. You’re the one that asks other horror-lovers for their favorite movies and are shocked when they name anything more than five years old. You REALLY love horror… as long as it’s all new and mass-produced.

Thrill Seekers

The Amityville Horror The Amittyville Horror

Thrill Seekers are always looking for a bigger and better haunted house or interactive experience, and are known as the first ones in, last ones out. You have this supernatural ability to know which haunted house locations are the best and most realistic. You have done The Great Horror Campout. To your friends, it seems that nothing can truly scare you — that’s because Thrill Seekers are a rock. You’re the person everyone wants by their side if any scary event happened to them in real life and you would DEFINITELY survive the zombie apocalypse —…

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