13 Potentially Embarrassing Things All Book Lovers Have Done At Least Once

Great list, plus I would add #14 – Spotting a book in the book store that you really want but can’t afford right now. So you pick it up, handle it lovingly and smell it a few times, before reluctantly returning it to the shelf and leaving, shooting frequent longing looks over your shoulder, silently promising it that you will return soon. Providing the very concerned book store staff don’t call security at the sight of you. ~ Flynn.

Reblogged from Thought Catalog.

1. You’ve wept over a book in a very public place. It’s okay. We understand. Sometimes you can’t help it when you’re smacked in the face by a particularly moving passage. Although, pro-tip: do not read the end of The Book Thief in public. So many tears, so many concerned strangers. 

2. You’ve smelled your books. Some days you just want to crack open an old book and inhale that heavenly combination of paper and ink.



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